Empire ADAS Services

Our ADAS Calibration Services

As a certified ADAS calibration facility, our focus is vehicle safety system diagnosis, repair, and calibration. This emphasis allows us to offer a more efficient and affordable ADAS alternative to subcontracted in-house calibrations that take up valuable floor space and require expensive equipment.

Convenience is an important part of our offering. We provide our customers with pick-up and delivery options, as well as simple online scheduling.

Diagnostic Scanning

Our reports provide a complete understanding of vehicle Advanced Driver Assistance Systems’ (ADAS) current conditions. These full-service reports include a list of all ADAS on a vehicle, all ADAS with Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), and documentation of pre-existing conditions.

Clear Diagnostic Codes

Beginning the calibration of a vehicle, we’ll clear all DTC codes. In the event that a code is unable to be cleared while in our facility, we work as your partner to correct any vehicle ADAS issues.

Wheel Alignment Verification

Calibration cannot be completed without verifying the wheel alignment of a vehicle. This service is included with each of our calibrations. In the event that wheel alignment is needed, we are ready and equipped to perform this service.


We utilize the most accurate and up-to-date hardware and software to complete ADAS calibrations. The calibration is performed in a controlled, lab environment and a detailed report is provided to you upon completion.


All calibrations include a complete Electronic File Documentation, accessible through our Cloud-Based Portal. Each electronic file includes:

  • Photo documentation of calibration phases 
  • Current calibration procedure 
  • Electronic Alignment Verification (EAV) Report 

Module Programming

Some situations require that an ADAS module is replaced entirely. We have the ability to replace and reprogram these modules in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

Post Calibration Health Scan

A post scan following calibration helps us verify that each of the ADAS modules are fully operational. This is the final step to ensuring that a calibration has been completed successfully.

Test Drive

A calibration is never complete without a document test drive. We perform test drives with scan tools that fully validate a vehicle’s performance. A full report is provided to you via electronic file after completion.


We provide our customers simplicity and convenience through electronic scheduling, pick-up and delivery service. We also provide our clients with convenience through electronic scheduling via our website, electronic updates, and instant invoicing and documentation.

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